Announcement about New Firmware Upgrade with Our UG69PD6

Dear customers:

Since the latest upgrade of the new firmware, our UG69PD6 docking product now supports 65W power delivery charging to your laptops! Please do not hesitate to contact our technical support for firmware upgrade!

If you have already bought one UG69PD6 docking, you may noticed that our specification on the packaging box of product is marked as 60W charging your laptop, the fact is that although the UG69PD6 product itself only supports 60W for host charging, now we have the corresponding new firmware to upgrade it to support 65W charging, which would meet the 65W charging specifications of most ultrabooks. Please do not wait to contact us! Our technical support will patiently guide you step by step to complete the firmware upgrade and then you can enjoy a better user experience it brings with! (Note:Your laptops must support Type-C charging capabilities, support for this features is determined by your laptop manufacturer).

Welcome to contact us at anytime you need and thanks for purchasing our Wavlink product, your support is what keeps us moving forward! We will continue to make efforts to improve the functions and after-sales service related to our products. And thanks again!

Please contact us through the following email addresses: 


Sincerely yours

Wavlink Technical Support Team

4th November, 2021

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