Welcome to the wireless network products provided by Wavlink.


For our products where you may have questions about accessing the management interface, we have created this webpage specifically for you to address your concerns.


Why did you access this page?


When you install the device, you need to enter the login domain name or default IP of the Wavlink device.

You may have entered wavlogin.lin or waplogin.link in the Google or other search engine search bar.

Hence, you ended up on this page.


How to connect to the Wavlink WiFi network?



Connect via the Wavlink WiFi SSID Connect to Wavlink devices via Ethernet cable
Connect via the Wavlink WiFi SSID Connect to Wavlink devices via Ethernet cable


How to access the management interface?


After completing the first or second point raised in the previous question, you can enter wavlogin.link or waplogin.link in the browser's address bar instead of the search bar to access the password input interface of the management page.


Alternatively, you can click on the hyperlink to access the management interface:








The following default IP is an unreliable way to access the management interface.


Why are there so many default IPs?


Because your network structure is multi-tiered, there is more than one router in your network, possibly even involving multiple levels of routers.


Have you not finished setting these up yet?


You can choose to call our customer service hotline for professional after-sales service engineers to assist you in resolving this issue.


Toll free: +1-888-973-0883 

Tel: +1-364-201-8748

E-mail: support@wavlink.com


How to identify authentic Wavlink official support channels?


The official website of Wavlink is:



Wavlink's only authorized official independent shopping website:




At Wavlink, we firmly believe that transparency and clarity in products, services, and customer support are crucial. Unfortunately, we have discovered that certain unverified third-party service companies are operating under domain names closely resembling WAVLINK's official communication channels. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that these misleading practices may cause. As a responsible company, we prioritize maintaining the trust and confidence of our valued customers, which is why we have taken immediate action to address this issue and prevent further harm to the reputation of the WAVLINK brand.


Identifying Genuine WAVLINK Support Channels

Reporting Suspicious Activity


We appreciate the vigilance and support of our loyal customers in helping to identify and report any suspicious activities involving unauthorized third-party support providers falsely representing themselves as WAVLINK representatives. If you encounter such situations, please notify us immediately through the official email(support@wavlink.com) mentioned above or submit a report via the contact form on our website.

WAVLINK's Commitment to Customer Support We want to assure all our customers that we are dedicated to providing excellent customer support to ensure you have a positive experience with our products. The incidents involving misleading third-party service companies do not align with our commitments or values.




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