Wireless Audio and Video Transmission Equipment

Offers versatility and mobility, allowing users to effortlessly connect their audio and video sources to compatible receivers or displays. This technology enables the transmission of immersive surround sound, crystal-clear visuals, and even 4K/5K resolution content

AERIAL D6X Range Extender/Access Point

The AX1800 WiFi Range Extender offers outstanding expansion capabilities and is easy to set up. It seamlessly integrates with WAVLINK wireless routers of the same brand, allowing for a hassle-free mesh network. It is suitable for small to medium-sized office spaces and supports various home usage scenarios.

AERIAL HD6: 573HX1 is an outdoor router equipped with four high-performance fiberglass antennas

An exceptional product that features IP67 waterproof rating, standard POE power supply (compatible with 802.3at/af protocols), and a sandwich-style heat dissipation design! It works reliably and stably even in harsh environmental conditions. Note: If you want to connect a passive POE adapter, it must be a DC54V passive POE adapter.

MIGHTY EX1 is a cost-effective AX3000 wireless router.

Upgrade to the AX3000 wireless router and experience limitless connectivity possibilities. Transform your home or office into a hub of wireless networking, and enjoy fast and reliable internet browsing to the fullest!

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