WiFi Password-Free? Convenient? Safe? Quick? TouchLink Nailed it!

08/28/2019 4578

When it comes to the connection of wireless networks, most people might have a lot of complaints about that, right? After all, at times those wireless connections are inconvenient. I wonder if powerful functions always come along with those complicated setups and configuration.

You know, whenever my friends and guests come along to visit me, always asking for the WiFi password, I have to type that on their phones so that they can get connected to the network. However, I set up a pretty long-tail and complex password so that others cannot get access to it. That is to say, it takes at least one or two minutes to type the password and get my friends and guests connected. Well, if there are only one or two guests, I am fine with that, but when there is a group of people coming along for visiting or for a party or so, then this process is really kind of annoying.

For network security, it’s good for us to set up a long-tail and complex password. However, it takes some effort to remember that long-tail and complex password, even myself can’t always remember that, let alone my parents and children at home. For those who’ve got two or more routers and set up different passwords, it’s even harder to remember and instead might create another new password.

The design of all those routers is so unfriendly then. I wonder if any products can get connected without entering the password. And then I come across TouchLink Series routers which help me get rid of the above annoying situation.

What is TouchLink then? Why can it help to avoid the above situation? Let us talk about that.

What is TouchLink?

Wavlink HALO Base – AC1200 Dual-band Whole Home WiFi Mesh Router with Touchlink

TouchLink is a patented technology for the wireless connection, specially developed by Wavlink. TouchLink technology can be applied to routers. Only by a single touch, you can get automatically linked and connected without entering the WiFi password. No more worries about forgetting the password.

Working Principles
What exactly is the principle of TouchLink technology that it can achieve a password-free connection? TouchLink is actually an access control technology, preventing unauthorized access to resources, so it can somewhat restrict access and connection of the unauthorized users. Through access control, once exceeding the connection time, TouchLink makes users unable to access, thus preventing the network from being cracked, and ensure network security.

Safety Problem?
Some people might worry about the security of TouchLink technology. Indeed, it offers great convenience but isn’t the network being so easy to crack? I was also worried about this before, but it turns out the security problem has been taken into consideration. We can set up the time for the one-touch connection on our phones, from the 30s to 200s, which allows our guests or friends to get connected within the time limit. Out of the duration time, the connection is no longer available, ensuring our network security to some extent.

How to Connect and Its Application
With the TouchLink technology, only by a simple touch of the sensing area, and when the LED light starts flashing, getting connected with the “-touch” SSID, can we realize a password-free WiFi connection, no more manual connection one by one. Worried about forgetting WiFi passwords? Well, no more worries, we can just forget about that, because there is no longer a necessity for us to remember the passwords while the router could handle the passwords things. In short, TouchLink technology makes a convenient, quick, and secure WiFi connection.

Wavlink QUANTUM T8 – AC3000 MU-MIMO Tri-band Smart Wi-Fi Router with Touchlink

Well, we’ve talked about TouchLink technology. As for its practicality, views always differ. It’s still a matter of preference.

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