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How do you find the default IP address of your router when you want to access your home router's management interface?


Generally, the most common default router addresses are,,, and Some common router brands include TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear, WAVLINK, and Linksys. After the commercialization of Elon Musk's Starlink satellite, a special brand called Starlink emerged, and Amazon's ranking has been rising rapidly.


If none of the above addresses work, here is a brief guide that can help you find the default router IP address of your device:

 find router ip address

Windows Users:


If you are a Windows user, the process is quite simple for you. You can find your router's IP address within a minute. To find the router IP address on Windows, follow these simple steps:


1. Type "cmd" into the search bar or open Command Prompt from Start Menu > Windows System > Command Prompt.

2. Once Command Prompt opens, type "ipconfig" and press Enter.

3. Different results will appear on the Command Prompt window. The address next to "Default Gateway" will be your router's IP address.


Mac Users:


The process of finding the default router IP address on macOS is slightly more complex than on Windows, though not too difficult. Follow these steps to find the router IP address on macOS:


1. Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Network (icon).


2. Select the connection you are currently using.


3. Click the "Advanced" button.


4. Now, click on the "TCP/IP" tab, and you will be able to see the router IP address.

Alternatively, you can also use the Terminal application to find the router IP address.


5. Open the Terminal application from Utilities.


6. In the Terminal window, type "netstat –nr | grep default".


7. The result will display, and you can find your router IP address next to the "gateway" option.


Android Users:

For Android devices, you can use third-party applications to find the default router IP address. However, for newer versions of Android (7.0 and above), you can directly find the IP address from the device.


To do this:

1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi & network settings > Wi-Fi.

2. Tap on the "Configure" button.

3. Your router's IP address will be displayed next to the IP address label.


iOS Users:

For iOS devices, follow these steps to find the router IP address:

1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

2. Select the network you are currently connected to.

3. Tap on the "Static" tab.

4. You can find the router's IP address there.


Linux users:


To find the IP address on Linux, follow these steps:


1. Go to Applications > System Tools > Terminal.

2. Once the Terminal window opens, type "ipconfig".

3. You can find your router's IP address next to the default gateway address in the results.


Apart from being interested in this, you may also encounter issues with not knowing the username and password. Due to space limitations, I won't elaborate further, but you can refer to another article I've written for more details.

Default router  default password

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