Enhance Your Outdoor Connectivity With Wavlink's Advanced WiFi 6 AP for Seamless Networking

When you’re throwing a backyard party, you’d want everyone connected connected to your WiFi. But what if it can’t keep up with the thick walls, long distances, and multiple devices that weaken the signal? That's where WiFi 6 comes in to keep your outdoor spaces connected. The Wavlink's outdoor WiFi 6 AP is made specifically for outdoor use, whether having a party, watching movies outside, or keeping an eye on your yard.

This post will guide you on how to choose WiFi 6 network coverage devices like the Wavlink outdoor WiFi 6 AP. But first, you need to understand WiFi 6 better.

wifi 6
What Is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6, or 802.11ax, is the latest generation of wireless networking technology. It's like upgrading from an older car model to a newer, faster one. This means faster speeds for downloading movies, streaming videos, and playing games without lags or buffering.

WiFi 6 uses MU-MIMO and OFDMA ( technologies that improve the efficiency and performance of wireless networks) to manage traffic better, so even with many devices connected, everyone gets a fair share of the internet without slow speeds.

What to Consider When Choosing WiFi 6 Network Coverage Devices

These factors will help you choose the right WiFi 6 network coverage device for your outdoor space:

Speed and Capacity

The total networking speed of your WiFi 6 device determines how fast your internet connection will be. For outdoor applications like streaming music by the pool or video chatting in the garden, you'll want a device with a high total networking speed to ensure smooth and uninterrupted connectivity.

Bandwidth allocation (how much data can flow through your WiFi network at once) also matters. For outdoor activities like streaming movies on a projector, you'll need ample bandwidth to support multiple devices simultaneously without buffering.

Number of Devices

Your WiFi network is limited to how many devices it can support at once. If you plan to connect multiple smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart speakers, and other gadgets to your outdoor WiFi network, you'll need a device that can handle the load without slowing down or dropping connections.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) Options

With PoE (Power over Ethernet) options, you can power your outdoor WiFi device using the same Ethernet cable that connects it to your router, removing the need for separate power cables. This simplifies installation and allows you to place the device in the best locations without worrying about nearby power outlets.

Antenna Strength

In outdoor environments, obstacles like trees, walls, and buildings can interfere with WiFi signals, reducing coverage area. Choosing a WiFi 6 device with strong, omnidirectional antennas ensures the signal can penetrate obstacles and reach every corner of your outdoor space, providing reliable coverage wherever you need it.


Outdoor WiFi devices are exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, which can damage internal components and affect performance. Opting for a WiFi 6 device with weatherproofing features, such as an IP67-rated enclosure, ensures that it can withstand outdoor conditions and continue operating in any weather.

Wavlink Outdoor WiFi 6 AP

The Wavlink AERIAL HD6 is the perfect solution for outdoor networking with features that meet the demands of outdoor environments.

Key Features and Benefits

● High-speed performance of up to 1775 Mbps that ensures smooth connectivity

● Four omni-directional antennas provide reliable coverage over large outdoor areas

● The weatherproof design protects it from rain and extreme temperatures

● Multiple installation options make setup easy.

Pairing the AERIAL HD6 with the Wavlink Everything Mesh WiFi system ensures seamless roaming and coverage throughout the property. It's perfect for outdoor parties, gardens, pools, and surveillance, providing stable internet connectivity for various outdoor activities.

Final Words

Choosing the right WiFi 6 network coverage device for outdoor settings will provide reliable and efficient connectivity. Whether you're hosting outdoor gatherings, enjoying leisure activities in your garden, or monitoring security cameras around your property, the Wavlink outdoor wifi 6 AP ticks all the boxes for an ideal outdoor WiFi solution.

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