Quantum DAX/WL-WN538A8 AC3200 Gigabit Router
  • Quantum DAX/WL-WN538A8 AC3200 Gigabit Router 1
  • Quantum DAX/WL-WN538A8 AC3200 Gigabit Router 2
  • Quantum DAX/WL-WN538A8 AC3200 Gigabit Router 3
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Quantum DAX/WL-WN538A8 AC3200 Gigabit Router

Model: Quantum DAX/WL-WN538A8

  • Complies with IEEE 802.11ac/a/n/g/b with the leading 802.11ac WAVE2 standard
  • Simultaneous 5GHz 2167Mbps and 2.4GHz 1000Mbps connections up to 3167Mbps of total available bandwidth
  • 8 x 5dBi Omni-Directional Antennas provide even better wireless performance
  • Provides 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet WAN port
  • Provides 3 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet LAN port
  • USB3.0 Port - share files & media with networked devices
  • Support PPTP and L2TP. Simple to build up safe Internet connection.
  • Remote Access enables you to be proactive about network when you are away from home.
  • MU-MIMO communicates with several devices at once to reduce waiting time and speed up connections
  • Built-in firewall features IP and MAC filtering which flexibly controls online access and time
  • Built-in DHCP server with automatic dynamic IP address distribution
  • At the top, there is a LCD screen, you can see the current network status
  • Easy Setup Assistant with multi-language support provides a quick & hassle-free installation process

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A Router, also an Artwork

Minimalist, Perfect, Eternal

Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen was a prominent Danish Industrial designer, his Nordic minimalism style design with Bang & Olufsen had influenced Danish Modern Movement extensively. Quantum DAX is one outstanding paradigm of his minimalism masterpiece with powerful performance and design of understated elegance and luxury.

A Strong Core, A Powerful Router

LCD Screen Displays Key Info

All product relevant information is Visible on the LCD screen.

True Gigabit, Beyond Fast High Power, Beyond Strong

Protect Online Safety Filter Inappropriate Content

DAX protects your family from improper content, especially giving your children a healthier and safer online experience.

Flush Your Heat Away!

With the help of interior dissipation board, DAX assures you a longer lifespan.

  • Model

    Quantum DAX/WN538A8

  • Ports

    1 x WAN 1000Mbps

    3 x LAN 1000Mbps

    1 x USB3.0

  • Buttons

    1 x Power On/Off

    1 x Reset

  • LED

    Screen Display Status Information

  • Chipset

    BCM4709C0 + BCM4366

  • Flash



    4Gb DDR3

  • Power Supply

    DC12V 4A

  • Rated Voltage/ Frequency

    Input:100-240 Va.c. 50/60Hz

  • Unit Dimensions

    212mm x 74mm x 230.5mm (L x W x H)

  • Working Standards

    IEEE 802.11b/g/n/a/ac

  • Speed

    802.11ac: up to 2167Mbps

    802.11n: up to 1000Mbps

    802.11a: up to 54Mbps

    802.11g: 54Mbps

    802.11b: 11Mbps

  • Frequency band

    2.4GHz, 5GHz

  • Transmit Power

    25DBm MAX

  • Wireless Security

    WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK encryption

  • Antennas

    8x5dBi Omni Directiona Antennas

  • Distance

    Outdoors 500m, Indoor 100m(According to the actual environment change)

  • In The Box

    1 x Quantum DAX/WN538A8 11AC Wireless Router

    1 x RJ-45 Networking Cable

    1 x Power Adapter

    1 x Quick Installation


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