Thunderbolt 4 HUB with SSD Enclosure
  • Thunderbolt 4 HUB with SSD Enclosure 1
  • Thunderbolt 4 HUB with SSD Enclosure 2
  • Thunderbolt 4 HUB with SSD Enclosure 3
  • Thunderbolt 4 HUB with SSD Enclosure 4
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Thunderbolt 4 HUB with SSD Enclosure

Model: WL-UTE06

    • Thunderbolt 4 HUB with SSD Enclosure
Thunderbolt 4 HUB with SSD Enclosure
Innovative Thunderbolt 4 HUB + Solid State SSD Storage Docking Station

Together with the innovative SSD hard disk enclosure and docking station, the THUNDERVAULT Ⅰ has a 40G high-speed storage M.2 interface with PCIE protocol, which can reach a maximum storage speed of 40G and can be used as an external high-speed solid-state mobile hard disk at any time. Comprising two Thunderbolt 4 interfaces and one USB3.0 high-speed interface, as well as a Type-C interface that supports up to 88W fast charging, it is capable of handling work scenarios that require high-speed data transmission and interface expansion, such as video editing, audio production, large-scale data processing, etc.,and can also provide fast charging for computers or mobile phones,can fully satisfy the needs of users, whether in the office or for entertainment purposes

Integrated Solid-State SSD Storage + Thunderbolt 4 Interface for Blazing-Fast Read & Write Speeds

Adopting the latest 40G high-speed storage M.2 interface with PCIE protocol and Thunderbolt 4 interface, the product's interface can transfer up to 40GB/s for high-speed reading and writing, which facilitates users to efficiently process a large amount of data in a short period of time. You can enjoy high speed data processing, video editing, cloud computing or gaming, the THUNDERVAULT Ⅰ can help you realize more efficient work and productivity.

Minimal Design Concept that Combines Technology and Eco-Friendliness

Concise in design and rich in technology, the designers started from enhancing the user experience of the product by adopting aluminum alloy shell and carbon fiber top cover as well as rounded R-corner design, which makes the product lighter, stronger and more durable. While slowing down the service life, it provides users with a better feel and experience. The surface does not use any spraying process, and the production process is more environmentally friendly

Embedded Data Encryption Function to Safeguard User Data Security

With the built-in data encryption function, users can encrypt the data in the solid-state SSD according to their needs. Any other user will be required to enter a password to successfully read the encrypted data stored in the solid-state SSD. Also, it will encrypt certain files in the hard disk, and visitors only can read the unencrypted data, ensuring the security and privacy of the user's data.

Extreme Heat Dissipation Performance to Effectively Support Long-Term Working

Our all-aluminum alloy shell greatly improves the product's heat dissipation efficiency. Its built-in heatsink and fan can effectively reduce the temperature of the device, and the bottom of the unit adopts the fish-fin stripe heat dissipation, which has a heat dissipation area three times larger than that of the same area of the docking station. Also, the horizontal shape design can realize the function of auxiliary heat dissipation to ensure that users are not disturbed by heat for a long time!

User-Friendly Assembly SSD Design, Easy for Users to Upgrade at Any Time

With the advantages of simple installation and quick use, the product has a top cover that can be opened with a single click. Users only need to insert the solid-state SSD into the storage docking station and connect the storage docking station to the computer, allowing users to easily expand the capacity of their computers. Additionally, the solid-state SSD can be easily replaced or upgraded by the user, which makes it convenient for users to replace or upgrade their storage devices at any time.


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