UG7602H USB3.0 to HDMI Dual Display Adapter

UG7602H USB3.0 to HDMI Dual Display Adapter

Model: WL-UG7602H  Magazine Review

  • Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X compatible
  • Compact and portable, easily stow in any backpack or laptop bag.
  • HDMI 2K port supports resolutions up to 2K (1920 x 1080@60Hz)
  • HDMI 4K port supports resolutions up to 4K (3840 x 2160@30Hz)
  • GPU build in “Content Adaptive Technology” to decrease CPU loading.
  • USB 3.0 port and strong powerful GPU to ensure the stable video transmission
  • It is very convenient for a USB-C hub with USB-A to USB-C converter to connect with laptops, tablets, smart phones and computers.
  • Connects multiple USB 3.0 display adapters to your PC to extend your screen up to extra displays; windows up to 8 displays, Mac OS up to 6 display
  • No external power adapter needed and driver free on Windows 10 OS only
USB3.0 to HDMI Dual Display Adapter
Dual 2K HDMI Video Ports

Support one 4K(3840x2160)@30Hz output and the other is 2K(1920x 1080)@60Hz display output.

Mirror Mode

Show the same content on two screens and give you a better visual experience

Extend Mode

Split-screen to have multitask operation and improve your working efficiency

Broadly Matched to Multiple Devices

UG7602H can extend your image/video to an external display such as the projector, HDTV, or HDMI-based monitor, giving you additional display screen(s) you need to simplify multi-tasking and maximize your productivity.

Stable Performance & Durable

With SM7 68 chip, GPU build in "Content Adaptive Technology" to improve display performance and decrease CPU loading by up to 70%.

Various Applications

Whether you need to extend a monitor for work or entertainment, its extensive compatibility is of great help to assist you with your task.

  • Model


  • Ports

    1 × USB3.0-A Pigtail Cable 150mm

    2 × HDMI

  • LED lights

    1 × Blue Color LED

  • Unit Dimensions

    100mm x 50mm x 15mm( L x W x H )

  • Weight


  • Housing Material

    ABS plastic

  • Shell color


  • 1 × WL-UG7602H USB 3.0 to HDMI 4K Display Adapter

    1 x USB3.0 Type-A to Type-C Converter

    1 x Quick Start Guide