What if I can see my Wi-Fi signal but cannot connect to it?

This issue may be caused by several factors, such as network security mismatch, wireless interference, wireless security mode mismatch, etc. This article will provide you with solutions on how to fix Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

Note: Before proceeding with the solutions below, make sure you are clear about the following information:

i. Wireless network name (SSID)

ii. Wireless password (Security Key/Pass phrase/Key)

If you have forgotten or do not know the Wireless Network Name (SSID) and Password, please connect with router via Lan cable find wifi password in the setup page.

You may proceed with next solution after you have tried one solution but in vain.

Solution 1: Ensure that your wireless device has obtained a proper IP address

Solution 2: Forget or remove your previous wireless networks

Solution 3: Change the SSID (wireless network name)

Solution 4: Change the wireless channel

Solution 5: Change the security mode and the encryption

Solution 6: Reset the Wavlink device to factory default

Solution 7: Update the driver of your wireless device

Solution 8: Upgrade to a newer firmware

Solution 1

Your wireless device's IP address must be within the same range of the router's IP address. Obtaining a proper IP address is essential.

Solution 2

Forgetting or removing a wireless network plays an important role when you change the password or something about the wireless network, and cannot connect to it any more.

Solution 3

As an alternative way to resolve the problem caused by changing a password or something about the wireless network, you can change the SSID (wireless network name) instead of forgetting or removing a wireless network. A new wireless network will be created in this way. You should be able to connect to it with your password.

Solution 4

In order to connect to the Wi-Fi, you may need to change the wireless channel of your Wavlink device.

Note: In the same page where you change the SSID, you can also fix the unstable or slow wireless network by changing the Network mode from 11b/g/n Mixed Mode to be 11b/g Mixed Mode.

Solution 5

Changing the security mode may be much helpful in resolving the security mode mismatch issue.

i. It is highly recommended to use WPA or WPA2 personal as wireless security modes. Other than providing better security, this will establish a stable connection with your wireless device, especially devices with the latest technology.

For a Wavlink device, you can select WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, Mixed WPA/WPA2-PSK, WPA Personal, WPA2 Personal or Mixed WPA-WPA2 Personal as the Security Mode/Network Authentication.


Note: You’d better select AES as the WPA-Algorithms/Cypher Type/WPA Encryption.

ii. Sometimes, the wireless security mode of the Wavlink device is not compatible with your wireless device. You may need to disable the wireless security. This is especially true for older devices and Windows Vista computers.

Note: You can secure your Wi-Fi with Access Control once the security mode is disabled.

Solution 6

You may cannot connect to the wireless signal for the Internet access is limited by Access Control or MAC Filter while you are not aware of it. You can eliminate the limitation or simply reset the Wavlink device to factory default.

Tips for resetting:

Find a Reset button/hole on the back panel of the Wavlink device and hold down it for about 8 seconds. During which time, you will find that all the indicators turn on or off and several of them will back off or on later. All of the customized settings of the Wavlink device will be erased after resetting.

Solution 7

You may need to update the driver of your computer when other devices can connect to the Wi-Fi. This is especially true for older devices. Refer to the device's user manual for more information.

Solution 8

After you have tried all the above-mentioned solutions but in vain, you can try to upgrade the Wavlink device’s firmware if any bugs exist.

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