What can I do if I can’t enter into the webpage or “ap.setup?

For the repeater, there are 2 ways to set:(pl try to search the wifi signal of repeater with your smart phone first)

1, The easier way: (phone set)

First plug it into socket. Then after about 30 seconds, use your smart phone to search the wifi signal of (wireless-n), then connect it;

after your phone connect with the repeater, pl open your phone web browser and type in the browser address box just like set routers;

after Enter, the repeaters login screen will appear;

2, Use computer: just like with the phone, but the difference are:

if your computer default IP is not : 192.168.10.xx, your computer won't be able to connect to the repeater. You should change your computer IP to Automatically obtain an IP address. Then connection will be OK.

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