What should I do if the WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender is placed very close to our main router but cannot establish a connection?

The first thing to confirm is whether the WAVLINK Wi-Fi setting process has been operated according to the instructions in the manual, and the configuration steps can be fed back to us with screenshots for troubleshooting.

■ Need to check whether the password input is correct (try to go through the wizard again), the Wi-Fi password of the WAVLINK repeater must be set to the same as your primary router’s.

■ Check whether the router password and SSID have special symbols (comma, semicolon, line feed, carriage return), and try to change the router SSID and password

■ Check whether the upper router has opened the DHCP service, if not, please open the DCHP service.

■ Check whether MAC Filter, wireless access control, or access control list (ACL) is enabled on your primary Router, if these kinds of feature is enabled, it needs to be disabled and then walk through the instructions to set up the Repeater again.

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