What should I do if I have unstable connection issue with my WAVLINK USB Wi-Fi adapter?

If you have unstable connection issue with your WAVLINK USB Wi-Fi adapter, here the instruction help you troubleshoot.

Part one: Check your computer

1. First we recommend trying another USB connection on your computer. Even switch to a different computer if possible.

2. Uncheck “Allow computer to turn off this device”.


Press and hold the "Win"+"R" key together to open the "Run" dialog box --> enter "devmgmt.msc" to open "Device Manager" --> select "Network Adapters" and navigate to WAVLINK USB Wi-Fi adapter-->-Highlight the device in the listing --> Right-click and Select Properties --> Power Management -->Uncheck Allow computer to turn off this device-->Click OK to close the window --> Reboot the computer

Part two: Check your WAVLINK USB Wi-Fi adapter

1. Check if the same issue will happen on 2.4Ghz band or 5Ghz band if it’s dual band USB Wi-Fi adapter.

2. Update the driver of the adapter to the latest version.

Part three: Check your router

Change the channel and the channel width of your router to avoid interference as much as possible

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