What should I do if I cannot access my USB storage device connected to WAVLINK router

Here are the solutions if you are unable to access the USB storage device plugged into the WAVLINK router.


Case 1: Unable to recognize the USB drive

Case 2: Cannot access the USB sharing via samba(SMB)


Case 1  Unable to recognize the USB drive

This is mainly due to incompatible USB flash drive partition format. There are many partition formats for USB drives . However, most of WAVLINK routers only support FAT32 and NTFS file format.


Case 2  Cannot access the USB sharing via samba(SMB).


Some windows system has some limits to accessing the samba. Suggestion:

1. Enable smbv1 in the windows system.

1) Open the control panel.

2) Click Uninstall a program.

3) Click Turn Windows features on or off.

4) Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS Client. Then click OK.


2. Enable insecure guest logons

1) Press Win+R. Within the run box, type “gpedit.msc”

2) Within the Local Group Policy Editor, select “Administrative Templates”>>“Network”>> ”Lanman Workstation”.

3) Double-click the “Enable Insecure guest logons” option >> tick the “Enable” option >> OK.


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