What can I do if I am running into Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) issue with my WAVLINK USB Wi-Fi adapter?

BSOD issue

There are many reasons if your computer goes to a blue screen when installing WAVLINK wireless adapter. It might be caused by software issue that the driver is not compatible with the operating system or there is conflict between the driver and some software/file installed on your computer. It also might be caused by hardware reason, if your computer’s motherboard is incompatible with the  wireless adapter.

This article applies to typical case of software issue when the adapter has conflict with some software/file installed on your computer.


The driver which installed automatically by windows OS is not compatible with our WAVLINK adapter. In this case, we need delete the incompatible driver file to avoid this issue, please follow steps as below.


Step 1: When the computer shows a blue screen, it will also provide us some details of the error.

Step 2: From this tip, the blue screen is related with this driver file---- rtwlanu.sys.


Step 3: Unplug the WAVLINK adapter, reboot your computer.

Step 4: Go to c:\Windows\System32\drivers, Find the driver file “rtwlanu.sys” in the folder and delete it.

Step 5: Plug our adapter back into the computer, then, install our official driver for this adapter.


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