Troubleshoot unstable ethernet connection

What should I do if my Ethernet connection drops randomly with WAVLINK type-C MST docking station ?

Method one:

Certain computers may contain a version of internal Wi-Fi adapters that interfere with the Ethernet connection over USB type-C. This issue can be resolved by lowering the power output of the onboard Wi-Fi adapter.

Device Manager--->Network adapters--->Wireless Adapter--->Properties---> Advanced--->Power Output---> select "75%"

If this does not resolve this issue, follow the method two to work around.

Method two:

Go to Device Manager, network adapters and find the Ethernet one.

- right click for properties - advanced

Disable Energy efficient Ethernet (and or green energy) and Wake on magic packet.

Method Three :

For Realtek RTL8153 Ethernet driver


For ASIX AX88179 or AX88179A Ethernet driver

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