Second display does not light up

What should I do if my second monitor fails to display when connecting to WAVLINK type-C docking station ?

Solution :

When connecting two 4K monitors, you are advised to use the same monitor model.

The first monitor may output 4K 60Hz resolution by default (if it supports 4K 60Hz),

while the second monitor can only output 1080p due to lack of bandwidth.

Manually reduce the refresh rate for the first display to 30Hz in

Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution > Show Adapter Properties

Then manually increase the resolution of the second monitor to 4K 30Hz.


If a second display is recognized in Windows but doesn't light up,

There is probably not enough bandwidth for the second display.

Again, manually reduce the resolution of the first monitor and connect the second monitor

Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution


Note:  Some daisy-chain displays have built-in MST functionality. In this case, the DisplayPort MST (sometimes called DisplayPort 1.2 or DP 1.2) must be turned off in the display settings.


  1. In the display configuration menu, look for the DisplayPort

  2. Select the option to DISABLE DisplayPort 1.2

  3. Confirm the selection


You may need to reconnect the DisplayPort cable after making this change.

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