I am only getting 4K@30Hz when using your adapter. How can I get 4K@60Hz?

There are several reasons why a 4K display would be limited to 4K@30Hz using our adapter. We would recommend first checking:


* Monitor specifications to ensure that it can support 4K@60Hz from the desired input port.

* DisplayPort input ports must be DP 1.2 specification.

* Ensure that the DisplayPort cable is DP 1.2 compliant.


If both the systems GPU and the monitor claim support for 4K@60Hz, please check the Windows Advanced display adapter settings to ensure that 60Hz is available.


If 30Hz is not listed and you are connected to our adapter with a DP cable, please ensure that the monitor has DP 1.2 ports. Some 4K monitors do not automatically enable DP 1.2 automatically and it must be enabled within the menu settings. Please consult the monitors manual and check the monitors menu settings to see if there is an applicable DP 1.2 setting.

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