What if the LED indicator turns on normally when two PLC devices in the same power strip, but begins slow flashing after moving the position?

The LED indicator is in the same power strip, indicating that the two PLC devices have the same network name. After moving the position the indicator light flashing slowly, the possible reasons are:

* Different electricity meters: The PLC devices under different electricity meters can not be identified.

* Signal attenuation: The use of PLC equipment across three-phase or multi-layer air switches, or poor quality of power lines between two PLC devices, may result in signal attenuation and unrecognizable.

* Electrical environment interference: If PLC equipment is very close to high-power household appliances (such as air conditioning, washing machines, etc.) or power adapter, may interfere with PLC communications. It is highly recommended PLC products stay away from these devices.

* Power line length: In the same electricity meter, the maximum transmission distance of PLC products could reach up to 300 meters, please check whether the actual distance of the power line is more than 300 meters after the two PLC equipment moving position.

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