How to set your WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender to the same network segment as your main router?

When the WAVLINK Wi-Fi extender is running in gateway mode, its DHCP server assigns LAN IP addresses to client devices connected to the WAVLINK Wi-Fi extender. If the LAN IP of your primary router is, the DHCP range is to, and the LAN IP of the WAVLINK extender is, DHCP ranges from to . In this case, the network segment of the WAVLINK extender is different from that of your main router.


If your camera is connected to the WAVLINK extender with the IP, while the IP of your host connected to your main router is, this will cause your host to be unable to access the camera.

If your printer is hooked up your WAVLINK extender with the IP, while the IP of your computer connected to your main router is, this will cause your printer to not respond to a print command issued on your computer.


There might be a workaround is to set up the WAVLINK extender as an access point or wireless bridge at the back end of your primary router or modem, rather than having the WAVLINK extender act as a gateway device to assign IP addresses to terminal devices,

so that your primary router or modem manage and control the devices connected to WAVLINK extender.


The instruction below describes how to set the network segment of the WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender to be the same as that of the main router.

Note: Here we take the WAVLINK outdoor AP WL-WN570HA1 as demonstration.

Repeater+Bridge mode

1. Connect the POE IN port of the unit to the POE port of the converter with a Ethernet cable

2. Plug the power adapter to a socket.

3. Power on the unit.

Repeater mode installation steps:

1. After resetting the extender, wait a few minutes, please open WLAN on your mobile phone, then find the signal WAVLINK- N or AC and connect it.
2. Open web browser and type “” or “ap.setup” in the browser address box and the login screen will appear.
3. Enter the default login password "admin", choose the right language, click "Login".
4. After logging in, you will see the web page: choose Bridge in repeater mode wizard instead of gateway.. Then select a wireless network that you want to connect. 

5. After you selected a wireless network. You will see a default Repeater ssid, select it and change the ssid name to avoid repetition. And the password must be set to the same as the Wi-Fi you connected.


If you have an extra Ethernet cable, it is recommended that you set WAVLINK AP to AP mode, in this way the signal loss is much less than in repeater mode.

it requires connecting the WAVLINK AP to you primary router via an Ethernet cable in AP mode.

AP mode

Hardware connections:

1. Connect the POE IN port of the unit to the POE port of the converter with a Ethernet cable

2. Connect the LAN/DATA IN port to the LAN  port of your router/modem.

3. Plug the power adapter to a socket.

4. Power on the unit.

AP mode installation steps:

1. Find the WAVLINK Wi-Fi and connect it on your smart phone WLAN.

2. Enter the URL “” or “” in a web browser address bar and search. 


3. Enter the default password "admin" on the showing login screen. 

4. After logging in, please click the “AP”, then complete the settings such as SSID and Wi-Fi password. Click the “Apply”.

5. Return back to the WLAN and reconnect to the Wi-Fi. Then the internet will work.

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