How to fix the unstable connection issue between my WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender and main router?

In repeater mode, the WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender wirelessly connect to an existing wireless network from your primary or main router to extend the Wi-Fi coverage range. However, this wirelessly manner connection may appear unstable symptoms, which are caused by a combination of various factors.

Here we mainly discuss how to optimize the settings of the WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender and the settings of the main router to improve.


For the WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender

1. There should be a clear line of sight between the WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender and the main router. Try to avoid physical obstacles such as partition walls, metal, and obstructions. Do not place the device in a corner.

2. It is recommended to place the WAVLINK Wi-Fi extender next to the main router or in the same room. After setting up the WAVLINK Wi-Fi extender,  place it in an area where the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

3. Please reboot your WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender.

4. Please update the firmware of your WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender.

5. Please hard reset your WAVLINK Wi-Fi range extender.


For the main router

1. Whether your primary router or modem is a dual-band router, if so, check whether it is enabled like "Dual-band in one" or "Smart connect" (Band Steering (also called 'Smart Connect' or 'Whole-Home Wi-Fi') If it’s enabled,
please disable it and change the Wi-Fi signals of the two frequency bands to SSIDs with different names.
2. Is the channel of your primary router selected as "Auto"? If it is auto, it will automatically switch the channel, which will also disconnect the repeater and the main router. It is recommended to fix the Wi-Fi channel of
the main router .

Please try to change the wireless channel of your primary router.(Crowded channel might be another reasons)

For 2.4g,Please choose 1 or 6 or 11.

For 5g,Please choose 36 or 40 or 44.

3. If your primary router has the "DHCP server", "Mac filtering" , “Access control list” or "Internet access control" enabled for the WAVLINK repeater, then the extender could not obtain an IP address from your primary router.
Please disable such functions on your primary router.

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