How to configure WAVLINK USB Wi-Fi adapter to work in AP mode on windows 10 or windows 11 ?

Here the article applies to these models of WAVLINK USB Wi-Fi adapter: WL-WN681A1, WL-WN691A1, WL-WN681AE, WL-WN691AE, WL-WN683N2P, WL-WN688A2, WL-WN688U3/WL-WN688U3D, WL-WN690A5/WL-WN690A5D, WL-WN692A3, WL-WN693A5.

These models are base on REALTEK WLAN controller.


1. Find and click the WIFI icon in the task bar.

2. Click the Mobile hotspot to enable it.

3. Right click to go to the setting.

4. Click the edit and configure the SSID and the Wi-Fi password.

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