How to configure WAVLINK USB Wi-Fi adapter to work in AP mode on Windows 7 ?

Here the article applies to these models of WAVLINK USB Wi-Fi adapter: WL-WN681A1, WL-WN691A1, WL-WN681AE, WL-WN691AE, WL-WN683N2P, WL-WN688A2, WL-WN688U3/WL-WN688U3D, WL-WN690A5/WL-WN690A5D, WL-WN692A3, WL-WN693A5.

These models are base on REALTEK WLAN controller. 



1. Choose Access Point.

2. Wait the configuration completed.

3. Click config and choose channel,encryption then set the password.

4. Remember to click Apply.

5. If your device use DHCP,and you get for your IP address.Please choose static IP,and change the IP to 192.168.159.X.  Just make sure the ’ X ‘ should not be 1.The configuration is show as below:

(1) Click the detail information of the IP configuration.

(2) Choose static IP.

(3) Change the IP address to make it different from the router/gateway.

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