How to configure WAVLINK router to WISP or Repeater mode

Here we take WAVLINK WL-WN531G3 router as  demonstration.

Steps :

1. Connect your WAVLINK router via its Wi-Fi signal “WAVLINK-XXXX” or an Ethernet cable.
2. Launch Chrome and enter the default login URL or   in the URL bar not search bar.
3. Enter the login password you have set and click “Login”. The original login password is “admin” by default if it has not been changed.

4. Click "Wizard" and select "WISP"


5.  In "WISP" page, choose a Wi-Fi your want to connect to, and note that the Wi-Fi password must be set to the same as the Wi-Fi's connected.

 6. Tap "Connect" and wait for the progress bar to reach 100%, then open the Wi-Fi list and connect to the Wi-Fi you have configured.




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