How to configure Port Forwarding with WAVLINK router

What is port forwarding? What does it do?

Port forwarding is a technique used to allow external devices on the internet to access computer services on a private(home or business) network.

It does this by mapping external ports to internal IP addresses and ports.

It is commonly used in gaming, security cameras, home automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Most online gaming applications will require you to configure port forwarding on your home router.


With WAVLINK router’s NAT (Network Address Translation) feature allows devices on the LAN use the same public IP address to communicate with devices on the Internet, which protects the local network by hiding IP address of the devices.


When the external host send a request to your NAT router, the router does not know where to forward the request.

To tell the router where to forward the request, you need set port forwarding on the router.


How to configure port forwarding on WAVLINK router ?

1. Log into the web management page of your WAVLINK router, check the WAN IP (Public IP or Internet IP) of your router.

Here it is assumed that the WAN IP (Public IP) acquired by the router is, LAN IP is

2. Reserve a static IP address for your LAN devices such as your home computer.

3. Click “Setup” and choose “Network Tools”.



4. Enable“Virtual Server”add the LAN IP of the port of the computer , select“TCP/UDP”protocol.


Port : 25565

Protocol: TCP/UDP

Public IP:



5. Launch web browser and enter the WAN IP (Public IP) and Port number in web address to visit the server.


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