A screen goes black when three external monitors are connected

One screen goes black when three monitors are connected at the same time

Certain computers based on Intel integrated GPU are only capable of supporting three displays, including the host screen. If you need to connect three external monitors at the same time, you must disable the host screen display, and then extend these monitors .

Step 1: Choose the main display

1. Right click to select the “Display settings”.

2. Choose a monitor display and scroll down to “Multiple displays”.

3. Mark “Make this my main display”

Step 2: Disconnect laptop display

1. Select the laptop display (“1” is the default display for the laptop) and scroll down to “Multiple displays”.

2. Select “Disconnect the display” , then the laptop display panel will become disconnected.

Step 3: Turn on the third external monitor display

1. Choosing the remaining monitor display then scroll down to “Multiple displays”.

2. Select “Extend desktop to this display” to enable this display .

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