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UTE02 Upgrade firmware
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UTE02 Upgrade firmware
Upgrade preparation and instructions:
1. Requirement: Window 10 based PC/laptop with Thunderbolt™ 3 port.
2. Prepare the required firmware (please download on wavlink website).
3. Prepare the burning tools (included in the firmware package).

4. Please plug the UTE02 in the Thunderbolt™ 3 port of your PC/laptop.

Upgrade firmware steps
1. Install the burning tool
1.1 Double click application “TenLira_Customer_3.18.17.0”;
1.2 Select “Install”;
1.3 When the installation is successful, click "close".

2. Install the application “python-2.7.14.amd64” as follows:

3. After the completion of installation, your desktop will display 3 applications as shown below. Please open “TenLira”.

4. Select “File” and open “Thunderbolt” device

5. Select "AR" from the drop-down menu for "Unknown devices treatment as", and then click “OK”.

6. Click on the option marked in red below, and then select “CM topology monitor” as shown below.

7. Click “CIO graph”, please note that the number in the red circle is "1", then turn off this interface.

8. Click on the option marked in red below, and then click “Refresh” as shown below.

9. Select “DMA” in the option “Access Method”, and then change the last number to “1” in the route string box.

10. Click “write” and select the related firmware.

11. Click “OK”, and then the upgrade process is completed.

12. Please remember to re-plug UTE02 after the upgrade.